What is a Certificate of Completion?

The certificate of completion issued by Dei Institute is utilized to gain additional knowledge and this course is used for independent certification rather than academic certification. This course will help you understand what makes someone a good leader, as well as how to make better decisions as a leader, communicate effectively with your team, plan strategically as a leader, and lead with purpose. Upon completion of this course, you will earn a Certificate of Completion.

What happens after you earn this Certificate of Completion?

You will receive a 2000 X 1414px landscape paper certificate with your name, showing that you completed the courses. You could always put it in your file with your other training verifications, but here are some other ideas for use of this certificate:

Some ideas for the use of this certificate in MICRO®- CREDENTIAL IN EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP

  1. Frame and hang the certificate as an acknowledgment of success
  2. Add the certificate title to your resume or vita
  3. Use the certificate as a symbol of your enhanced knowledge in a specific area that you find of particular value to your employer or potential employer
  4. Use the information as a springboard toward a new area of interest, an advanced degree, or a new career.

And here is the link for Certificate of Completion form

Official Transcript

Our students who finish their studies will receive certificates and a transcript certificate as a permanent record of evaluations that includes the complete record of all modules studied by the students as well as grades. 

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