Welcome to DIOU

As the Founding President of our esteemed Online University, I am thrilled to welcome you to our dynamic learning community. At DIOU, we believe in the power of education to ignite change, open doors of opportunity, and shape a brighter future. Our commitment to accessibility, affordability, and excellence drives everything we do. We are dedicated to providing a flexible and inclusive learning environment that caters to the diverse needs and aspirations of our students.

Our DIOU is built on the principles of lifelong learning, global citizenship, and innovation. We encourage you to seize every opportunity to engage with our diverse community of learners, exchange ideas, and broaden your perspectives.

I am honored to lead this University and witness the transformative impact our Online University has on the lives of our students. Together, let us embark on this educational journey, embracing the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

We create a vibrant virtual campus where collaboration, creativity, and intellectual growth flourish.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Avitus Leonard

Founding President


Dr. Avitus Leonard is a visionary founder, accomplished author, leadership coach, and international speaker. Through his impactful initiatives under DeiEX, he has transformed the educational landscape and inspired countless individuals on their personal and professional journeys.

Dei Institute - Online University (DIOU), founded by Dr. Avitus, is a groundbreaking platform that provides accessible and high-quality education. DIOU offers a diverse range of courses in Philosophy, Leadership, and Theology, empowering learners to expand their knowledge and skills from anywhere in the world.

With a keen understanding of the power of connection, Dr. Avitus established Dei Universe (DU), a dynamic social media platform. DU fosters a vibrant community where individuals can engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and foster personal growth and development.

Dr. Avitus's passion for knowledge and spiritual enlightenment is evident in his numerous books. His writings explore subjects such as Philosophy, Leadership, and Theology, offering profound insights and guiding readers on a transformative journey of discovery.

As the author of the Dei Bible Version (DBV), Dr. Avitus has made a significant contribution to biblical scholarship. This translation offers fresh perspectives and deeper understanding, enriching the spiritual lives of many. Driven by a desire to empower others, Dr. Avitus Leonard serves as a leadership coach, guiding individuals to unlock their potential and achieve personal and professional success. His expertise has led to invitations as an international speaker, where he shares his wisdom and experiences, inspiring audiences at conferences around the globe.

Driven by a spirit of innovation, Dr. Avitus has ventured into the world of digital currency with the creation of Dei Coin (DEIC). This innovative digital currency, operating through mintme.com, represents his forward-thinking approach, leveraging technology to advance the mission of DeiEX and contribute to positive change in the digital realm.