Recognising Excellence:

DIOU's Comprehensive Academic Promotions and Ratings System.

At DIOU, we believe in nurturing not only the minds of our students but also the talents and dedication of our esteemed faculty members, including visiting professors. Our commitment to Christ, Character, and Competence extends to the way we recognize and reward the outstanding contributions of our faculty. Through a comprehensive system of academic promotions and ratings, we celebrate their dedication to academia, research, and societal betterment.

Accredited Professor of DIOU (Rating 18-21 points): 

Our highest academic position, reserved for those who have not only achieved exceptional qualifications but have also made significant scholarly contributions through publications and books, and actively contributed to society's development.

Senior Lecturers (Rating 15-18 points): 

Recognised for substantial academic experience, notable publications, and contributions to the academic community, they are instrumental in guiding students and conducting valuable research.

Associate Lecturers (Rating 10-15 points): 

These faculty members have already made meaningful contributions to our institution, showing commendable qualifications and a promising academic journey.

Visiting Professors (Rating varies): 

We also welcome visiting professors who bring a wealth of experience and expertise from around the world. Their ratings depend on their qualifications and contributions during their temporary tenure with us.

 Tutorial (Rating 5-10 points): 

Our entry-level positions, ideal for those embarking on their academic careers, showcase their potential and dedication.

  • Many Years of Academic Training (Rating 9): We recognize and reward faculty members for their dedication to continuous academic training and development.
  • Academic Publications (Rating 5): We value the quantity and quality of scholarly publications, emphasizing the significance of research in our academic community.
  • Authorized Famous Books (Rating 3): We celebrate the authors of influential and recognized books, contributing to our institution's academic prestige.
  • Social Contributions and Development (Rating 4): Encouraging faculty to engage in activities that benefit society beyond their academic roles, recognizing their contributions to societal development.